Tattoo Liner My Eye…


Thank you Debenhams thank you Kat Von D my life has now changed for the better. It was love at first sight and by far the most convenient liner I have come across.

I began using liquid eyeliner at college and have worn it most days since… I would say I have the technique on point but there are those days when it gets a little messy and takes longer than usual. In the years up until today I have tried various brands… high and low end and I have indeed had favourites.

I have always been excited when new felt tip liners are released but they are either too dry to apply or don’t have the staying power that they claim to have.

When I first tried this the thing I noticed was the fine tip. It also shocked me that when you give it a little shake you can actually hear the product. Indications so far were good. Fine tip for precise application and actually liquid inside to battle issues regarding dryness.

It then came to the first application and I was like an excited child at Christmas and simply could not wait to give it a go.

The application was the most simplest… you can start off with a little and simply build it up should you wish to do so.

I went for the product in the shade Trooper and indeed it was. It stated true to colour and has a little shine when applied but not shimmer.

It can easily be applied to top and bottom with the creation of a cat eye within a few minutes. To intensify the look I would apply a pencil liner to my lower lash line before using the tattoo line around the bottom edge.

An absolute amazing buy and definitely worth the £16.00 price tag.


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