Home Sweet Home- Trip Back to Brighton *i360*

Took a day off from work today and thought what’s best other than going back home.

First stop Devils Dyke eeekkkk I love this place and love the scenery ❤️ It’s absolutely breathtaking… If I could have a house in the middle of those fields I would be at one with myself. No matter how busy it is it eases all my stresses and puts your mind into a world of peace.

Next stop the new i360… Good value for money and they even do student deals! Much more cheaper than the London eye and I actually preferred it. The views are stunning and it isn’t as scary as it looks considering I’m scared of heights! I think the pictures speak for themselves! Let me know if you have been!

Third stop Piccolo’s! Hmmmm a bit of a mixed experience I’m afraid! I actually came here because it was one of my faves when I use to live in Brighton. I got the breaded mozzarella as a starter and my gosh was it devine… A tad bit salty but I could live with it! For my main I got the cannelloni… And this is when it went all wrong. I am a pasta and cannelloni fanatic so anything out of place really does disappoint me. It’s nice to know that they use fresh ingredients but my gosh was the spinach too fresh! And way too overloaded that it took away the flavours of the sauce and ricotta and to be honest I couldn’t even taste the béchamel sauce… Sad times!



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