Dupe or not to Dupe: Dior vs Boots

Dior oh Dior

The Dior Rouge collection 760 Times Square is a moisturising lipstick full of colour. Those moments when you feel that your face isn’t quite complete… Well just slip your hand into that makeup bag and enjoy the moment. A high shine pink… A pretty yet sophisticated pink… A day to evening kind of pink… A pink that completes your lipstick collection!

Price: £26.50 John Lewis

But I was once in a pickle… The type of person who has a million lipsticks in their handbag but then swaps bags and forgets to grab half of the items. That’s when I stumbled across Boots Natural Collection in the shade Raspberry. A nice vibrant pink… Not too bright and not too dark… It has a slight shine but not a gloss… It keeps the lips moisturised and doesn’t seem to dry them out… The colour stays well but when it’s starts to fade it leaves a nice muted colour almost as if the lip is stained.

Price £1.99!!! That’s not including the amazing offers you can get at Boots if you choose the right moment!

To be honest I do indeed think that the Boots branded product is a very close match and a loooooot cheaper. But the Dior lipstick does feel more luxurious and has slightly better staying power with a slightly greater shine.

What do you prefer?



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