Let’s MAC it up

Well I have always had a love hate relationship with MAC products but I have some across two must have items.

The first was a classic that I was always drawn to… something to set all that hard work into place. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish can be applied as a light dusting on top of makeup or if you are blessed with of so beautiful skin you can wear it on its own. I use this product on top of foundation and it leaves a nice light feel on the skin not too heavy but provides a nice matte finish. It helps keep my foundation in place… and well does the job. The only downfall is you can probably find similar products at a fraction of the price.

The second and my most favorite is the MAC Studio fix compact. I am not one to venture out with totally bare skin due to uneven skin tones and so this product indeed excited me. My first mistake was I did wear this on top of foundation and oh my was it a big mistake. The product itself provides a full coverage and so if it is placed on top of a full coverage foundation you will see that you walk out on colour and by the end of the day you have turned a shade or two darker. This is due to the oxidisation effect that occurs as the two products react together. So guess what ladies I braved it! I simply added concealer onto my problem areas and applied the studio fix sparingly to my face. It provides maximum coverage yet it does not feel like you have anything on. It gives a nice soft finish and it doesn’t cake up. I would happily keep repurchasing this product for the days that I want my skin to breathe yet still look flawless.


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