Highstreet Glory


I love you please don’t ever get discontinued or I might actually cry! #Affordablefacewash

I have had major issues in face washes. I have sensitive skin, psoriasis, and oily/ dry skin. I find sooo many face washes will simply cause a breakout or dry the hell out of my skin. I mean they are all so deceptive no matter what it says on the label nothing has ever worked for me, it might work for a couple of days and then it will go downhill and then I am left with terrible skin and a product that is no good for me an money down the drain. But this life saver is something I cannot live without, I have tried replacing it several times and always come running back! (I can always find it on offer too at Superdrugs)

This applies as a clear gel and I use it all over my face, yes it says avoid eyes as well and you really should but I have used it on my eyes to remove my eye makeup, and as long as I keep my eyes firmly shut I’m alright! Apply onto a wet face and massage in circular motions you will be left with a clean fresh face. But only thing is I do not think it decreases the amount of facial oil a person has but it does do a perfect job at washing away dirt and makeup.


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