Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and I have a rather strange relationship…. It is like a drug that my skin longs for and needs and the moment without I enter into a state of withdrawal.

Ok a little extreme but this stuff is absolutely amazing. I first used it many years back and kept reminiscing on the subtleness that follows and the even skin complexion that begins to form. However I was oohing and arring about the price tag and asking myself do I really need this in my early 20’s.

I have a combination skin type that suffered from uneven skin tone and large… and when I say large I do mean LARGE pores. I can definitely say in terms of skin tone this worked wonders. Dabbing it into my skin gently (I say into because when I dab I imagine pushing it into my skin as opposed to just spreading it on top) and not overworking it, you will be left with a slightly tacky feeling (not a horrible feeling but like a thin residue). Upon waking up and looking in the mirror it just seems like my skin is always looking better, much tighter and brighter. Although I must say I still do have large pores but then again I did not purchase the product for this reason, it would have simply been and added bonus had it tackled this too.

I moved onto using this in conjunction with the Advance Time Zone moisturiser which I do not think made too much of a difference to the performance. So go wild and apply it alone or if you have a favorite moisturiser just apply on top of the serum.


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