Did I hear someone say OREO CHEESECAKE!?

So this is my third time making this… The first time it didn’t set… The second fell apart and well this time was just a delight.

I do like to dabble in the kitchen and I always find it hard to follow recipes and ingredients so if the below doesn’t make sense drop me a line and I will try to explain ❤


About 3.5 packs of Oreo biscuits

2x pots of mascarpone

Half a pot of medium size double cream

You know those rectangle butters… Yeah well half of that

You might need a few digestive biscuits

Vanilla… I dnt think you can ever have too much

Half a cup of caster sugar… Or normal sugar (who cares go wild!!)


1. Crush 2 packs of Oreo biscuits and add butter

2. Place into whatever you want to serve it in and press against in and up the sides (is consistency is too soft and runny from the butter wait a minute or so and try again… If it is still too wet you can add a few crushed digestive biscuits in to form it up a little)

3. Place into fridge to set

4. Time for filling… Get you two tubs of mascarpone and add in your sugar and vanilla into a mixing bowl and combine gently

5. In a separate bowl get ur half tub double cream and whisky until it gets to its thickest

6. Add your whipped cream to the mascarpone mixture

7. Lightly crush 1x pack of Oreos and add to mascarpone and whipped cream mixture

8. Remove crust from fridge and fill with mixture

9. Crush half a pack of Oreos and sprinkle on top

10. Put in fridge to set (I’m not that patient so I put it in the freezer)


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