… ‘And the dirt is gone!’


So you know the Cillit Bang advert: ‘Cillit Bang – Bang! And the dirt is gone!’ this is what pops to mind every time I use this Palmers facial astringent. I use to work in the pharmaceutical industry and that’s how I managed to get my hands on this for the first time. I then searched high and low and managed to find it in an Afro Caribbean Beauty supply shop in Shepherds Bush.

I use to use a face wipe or wash my face in a rush to remove all my makeup. And I am sure I can say for most people who look in the mirror after they do this their skin generally looks squeaky clean. But oh my do not be fooled until you use this facial astringent you will not know how much dirt is clogged in those pores until you use this product! As it says on the packaging it gets to those places that soap can’t reach… I even showed my dad once and he thought it was disgusting ‘men eh’. It is such a satisfying feeling to use this product as it leaves your skin feeling tingly fresh, so fresh that if wind blows you get a chill… if that makes sense. Pre warning do not use this close to your eyes or in your eyes!! It will burn the hell out of it. I would recommend using eye makeup remover or even a little baby oil to remove your eye makeup. I would also recommend that you remove your make up as much as possible prior to using the product as I like to use it as the final stage of cleansing.


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